Minister Of Defence

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Official Website of the Belize Defence Force.

The Nation of Belize is founded on principles of freedom and democracy. These fundamental principles are being challenged by the growing climate of criminal impunity and corruption that has penetrated many strata of the region. Faced with diverse internal and external threats to its people and lands, a Belizean strategy for safeguarding the National Security is essential. I am proud to have encouraged the culmination of this Belize National Security Strategy.

This National Security Strategy (NSS) integrates Belize's major national security policies, goals, responsibilities and activities into a cohesive whole. It addresses the issue of national security from all angles and provides an overarching document for accomplishing national security goals through the combined use of the multifaceted instruments of national government. The NSS provides overall strategic guidance and establishes the vision that will giude national security desicions at all levels. It also aims to make individuals at each level aware thier roles as partners in our responsibility to work simultaneously and continuously to enhance Belize's National Security and to creatively and harmoniously coordinate activities for optimal use of our scarce resources.

We can ' Proctect and Preserve Belize our beloved COuntry', working together in a well planned, strategic and synchronized manner. I expect that all organizations indentified within will embrace this security strategy as thier own, pursue its directives, and take the necessary steps to contribute to a safe Belize. All Belizeans can be proud of this strategic initiative and, with our National spirit of cooperation, it will become a crucial vehicle for National progress.

Thanks you.