1 Batallion


The First Infantry Battalion came into existence in 1993. This was as a direct result of the British Government decision to withdraw British Forces from Belize and handing over the Defence of Belize to Belizeans.

Since that time, the battalion participated in extensive military exercises in Belize as well a selected part of its staff going aboard to participate in United Nations Peace Operations in Haiti.

The battalion has been commanded by Lt Col Earl Arthurs now retired Brig Gen, Lt Col Robert Garcia also now Brig Gen retired, Lt Col Hugh Cain retired, Lt Col Stephen Huesner, Lt Col George Lovell retired, Lt Col Reuel Black, MVO, psc(j), MA, Lt Col Roberto Ramirez,Brig Gen David Jones retired, Lt Col Lawrence Lorenzo and presently commanded by Lt Col Anthony Velasquez.

The battalion consists of three infantry companies and a small HQ staff. It operates in the entire country alternating from the South to the North of the country. Presently, it is stationed at Fairweather Camp, Punta Gorda in the Toledo District with its two companies and in Belize City marinating a presence to accomplish its task as stipulated in the Defence Act. Every February, the battalions alternate between Ladyville and Punta Gorda.

The Battalion is equipped with small arms, a fleet of transportation, its integral logistics slice, and its own signalers. Other support is received from the Logistics unit in Price Barracks.

Recruiting for the unit is done by the BDF Headquarters and its leaders are trained by the Logistics Company’s sub-unit, Training Company. The leaders then train their subordinates to maintain its training standards. The companies also conduct live firing in the Mountain Pine Ridge Training Area periodically.