2 Batallion


Second Infantry Battalion, a combination of men and women soldiers, was formed on 01 October, 1994. It was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Glenn Arthurs, the Battalion at that time had three Infantry Companies Sierra, Alpha and Echo Company. Lieutenant Colonel Arthurs relinquished command on 25 June, 1997. The other commanders over the period 1997 to the year 2000 were Lieutenant Colonel Peter Parchue, Lieutenant Colonel Cedric Borland, Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd Gillett in that order. Present Commanding Officer is Lt Col Ismael Romero




For the period 31 October, 2000 to 31 August, 2002, the Battalion nomenclature was revoked and redesignated a Land Command. Becoming either Land Command South (LNS) or Land Command North (LCN) depending on the rotation. LCN was comprised of the Cayo District, a partition of the Hummingbird Highway, Belize, Orange Walk and Corozal Districts. LCS comprises of the Toledo and Stann Creek Districts and a portion of the Hummingbird Highway. These are now presently designated Battalion Tactical Areas of Responsibility (Bn TAOR) and Command HQs were based on rotation between Price Barracks and Fairweather Camp in Punta Gorda.

On the 31 August, 2002, LCS and LCN was reverted back to being Second Infantry Battalion. This was under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Reynolds Lewis. However, this time the Coys were Hotel, Gulf and Sierra Companies. During the tenure of Lieutenant Colonel R J Lewis, the idea of a Battalion Logo and Flag were originated. The idea was presented out within the Battalion and as a result produced the logo and Bn Emblem.

The finished product was the result of the combined efforts of RSM 2 Bn, WO1 D O Castillo then a WO2, Pte August G, Pte Coc J and the artist Pte Cho D, not to overlook the efforts of Sgt L Sho and Sgt A Sho (Button) then Cpl for final graphics.

The Battalion Logo depicts all the colors of the Companies in the Battalion. Red and Green for Hotel Company, Red and Orange for Gulf Company and Black and White for Sierra Company. The grey background was the original Battalion color, which was changed to blue as seen on the Bn Flag. The Cross Rifles signifies that we are Infantry personnel. The Jabiru was chosen as the Battalion Bird. The versatility of the Jabiru is what Second Battalion stands for. She nests high above the others both male and female incubate eggs thereby having an overview of all situations. She has one of the widest wing spans which produces ease in her soaring and a quick and graceful stream line for the attack. Her long legs support her and enable her to work in any terrain and conditions.

Discipline, Pride and Excellence is what Second Battalion strives to achieve. Second Battalion was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Omar Pulido in 2005 with its Headquarters at Fairweather Camp in beautiful Punta Gorda. We are presently in the process of producing our first ever Battalion Patch, which will be out in the month of July 2005.