Commander's Christmas Message 2018


Belize Defence Force

Christmas Message

Christmas is a festivity celebrated all over the world, no matter what or who you believe.


However as Christians we use this occasion to symbolically celebrate the birth of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Belize is rich with culture and diversity, and has given a far richer expectation of the festivities. We celebrate in various districts in various way, music, singing, special meal and decorations. But one custom remains true; the custom of gift sharing and the promised of peace to all men.

The men and women of the Belize Defence Force serve as a gift and promise of peace to this nation who represents such cultures and diversity. A peace; that we all are able to experience. The men and women of this force carry this torch of peace daily as they do their very best to safe guard this nation.

I first want to acknowledge our recruits joining us; this is your first of many such gathering. You are becoming a part a one unit, one body. We operate, live and breathe “shoulder to shoulder”. These are the people you will be celebrating, birthdays, anniversary and the many Christmas holidays. I want to say a special thanks to those on operations, those on the borders, on course internationally and locally who are unable to be in the comforts of home with friends and love ones, “solider on you .” We are depending on you.

I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you and your families a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year. To all the men and women of this institution, I say with all sincerity thanks for being loyal and faithful soldiers. Your service to this nation and your people is greatly appreciated. You are the backbone to many of our community and neighbourhood. You have become a living “Santa” to many. Not only while on operations or in uniform but also in the life you live. You are all leaders in your own rights.

 Some of you will be fortunate to spend this Christmas with your families; enjoy this privilege. I encourage you to remain vigilant; remember who you are and where you are at.  It would be remiss of me not to remind you all of the many dangers and threats that confront the Security Forces and our nation. Be watchful and be vigilant at all times.

Whilst you will be socializing with family and friends let us be mindful of the true meaning of Christmas as Jesus Christ is truly the reason for the season. Let us walk into the New Year with new and achievable goals for ourselves and the Force. National security is the responsibility of all able body Belizean. Let the new year give us new vision and hope for our nation. Let this saying we true of you. “We do not need to say, we need to do.”  May God bless our country, home and families during the Christmas season and throughout the New Year!