Recruiting Info

We mold civilians to become disciplined. To be both mentally and physically fit and be able to cope and operate under extreme and harsh conditions, also to train the individual to become an infantry soldier.


The individual will undergo all basic military training such as drill, Signals, Map Reading/Navigation, Field craft, Skill At Arms, First Aid, Law of Arm Conflict, Rules of Engagement, Crowd Control, Unarmed Combat, Tactics and General Knowledge.


Rank Range: Uninitiated (Civilian/Volunteer)

Entry Standards

Physical Test: 1 ½ Mile in 10 minutes and 30 Seconds.

59 Push Ups, 60 Abdominal Strength Test (Sit ups).

Ages: 18 – 23 years.


Minimum Qualification: High School Diploma (To be presented).

Recent Police Record

Must have a Valid Social Security card.

Posses a Belizean Passport and copy of Birth Certificate (To be presented).

No medical history of Heart Disease or Spinal, Ankle, Skin, Knee or Head injury. Individual with eye, lung or blood related defects may not be qualified.

17 Weeks.

Voluntary presence and high motivation!

Intake Frequency: 1 per year.